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Mum’s the Word

September 21st, 2008

Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody, but tomorrow is the first day of Fall.

Although it’s one my favorite times of year to photograph, hike, and fish; it always makes me get retrospective of how my summer went. In the past, I have had both wonderful – and not so wonderful times during the long days of the season. This year was, well, just average.

This weekend was kind of dreary in Bend. Somewhat fitting I guess, due to the impending end of summer ahead. I decided that I needed something around to try and help fill my views with color instead of the all the gray out my window.

So, I brought home a glorious example of a Fall Mum. The gray light was perfect for making on image of the last day of summer.

The fall colors will be around us sooner than we all expect. I guess that’s one of the reasons that I thoroughly enjoy living just far enough north to be able to experience the four seasons.



September 16th, 2008

I was lucky enough to find some good looking asparagus at the local market this afternoon, so I added some chicken breasts, rice, and red potatoes to the shopping cart and headed home.

I’m not much of a chef, but the results were spectacular!

I am fat and happy tonight!


Grasshopper… You need to fish!

September 15th, 2008

I was up at 5AM this morning and managed to get a new furl tied, a cup of coffee in me, and pack up some gear for a trip to somewhere. I didn’t know where, but Heather and I agreed last night that she would take me somewhere. When she arrived, she still hadn’t decided where we were going. After a stop at the grocery store, the first red light made our decision for us. We headed to a series of small streams a couple of hours away. We were hoping to have some fun throwing hopper patterns at eager trout.

We succeeded!

Since my summer has been a little lacking on fishing trips, I decided to leave the camera in the car most of the day and just fish instead. I did get a few quick shots though…

I got a bug tied on the way (photo by Heather, taken at 45 mph)

We started our day on this small creek. The levels were low and the temps were a bit high, so after a short time we decided to move on to stream #2.

Stream #2 turned out to be rather hopper friendly. We had a blast!

We saw some other bugs around as well

As we thought about our journey home, Heather decided that she would show me a stretch of a secluded stream with the promise of more trout to be had. We both caught a handful of gorgeously colorful, and wonderfully feisty, hand-sized trout

Around numerous log jams…

…and boulder fields

Thanks to Heather for taking me on this trip and showing me some new waters.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday. All 330 miles of it…


How old am I?

September 13th, 2008

Old enough to know better…

Today I am 44. I still feel like I’m 20. I’ve got a lot more to say about how I feel about my age, but it’ll have to wait a few days until I digest it all.

Tomorrow I am headed out on an adventure. I really need to get out. I am looking forward to the outing.

Becoming 44 years young is less important than what I might experience this weekend.


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